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  Hi-Octane Imports
Updated On: 07/04/2009

Japanese Imports have become increasingly popular in the UK over the past few years. Official statistics show that nearly 50,000 vehicles a year are now entering the UK & Ireland. We specialise in cars that are not available on the UK market, so if you want one the only place to go is a specialist importer such as ourselves. With the introduction of new compliance laws in April 2004 many importers have started importing only older cars, which don't require stringent testing to be allowed into the UK. We can get any car you wish to come out off Japan, don't be afraid to order.

Although Japanese cars are our passion we don't deal exclusively in japanese imports. We also source the best in used japanese and german vehicles manufactured for the domestic UK/Irish market.

Keep checking back and watch the news column on the left for the very latest information about Hi Octane Imports and the vehicles which will be arriving soon.

Contact Details For This Supplier
Address 18 Moveagh Road Cookstown BT80 9HE
Tel 07881614000
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